segunda-feira, 30 de junho de 2014

Belgium x USA

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. In this place, exactly in front of copacabana beach, we braziliansare very happy with new teams that are making history in our country.  Both team, Belgium and USA deverve all of credits, special because they are playing with passion and all of efforts. Soccer in the USA is not so popular, but in this world cup, the USA is having the best audience in soccer of the history, and if the USA in the match win Belgium, soccer  can grow positions inside american hearts. Lets see if this history will have a nice final for Belgium or the USA. I am Ederson and I want to be your tour guide in my fantastic city.

domingo, 29 de junho de 2014

Dance like nobody's watching you -Rio de Janeiro world cup 2014

This man did it during the world cup 2014 in Brasil. Its the selaron steps and he made the show. The only problem is that i don't know if you guys will like it. If Brasil wins Colômbia in the next game, maybe he can act another crazy dance. Go Brazil!

sábado, 28 de junho de 2014

Brazil x chile in Belo horizonte

We are exciting to see what will happen in this game in the world cup 2014. Right now, I am with Gabrielle and Cervantes watching the game at a nice barbecue place at Barra da Tijuca, rio de janeiro. During the morning we were blessed of the nice view of the christ reedmer that was totally clean and without clouds. Lets see if Brazil will win the game. Go Brasil,  now with s.

quinta-feira, 26 de junho de 2014

The Usa in Brazil

We are very proud to receive all of the american people which came to the world cup and of course they are doing tourism in Rio de Janeiro. It's the example of Sherry's Family from the USA. American were the second one tha have bought tickets for the world cup. They've  losen position only for Brasil. Barney, sherry and their Kids have met the christ reedmer and after that they've decided making a different kind of tour;Inside the Tijuca rain forest, the biggest urban rain forest in the world. It was a nice decision. The climate was very good and they've met the chinese view and Cascatinha taunay that is very important for the city. In the afternoon and after other sights like Selaron Steps we stopped in a nice place to have lunch and see the USA confirming their position in the world cup, congratulations. I am also received a nice gift from Barney and Sherry. I am talking about the nice t-shirt from Seattle Seahawks. Thank you Very Much! If you wanna do the same good things in my country, just send me an email to or take a look in my website : . See you in my next tour!

quarta-feira, 25 de junho de 2014

Nice day with Tod and Sara from Australia

We had a great day today, June 24, 2014 here in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro after a contact in the website by todd at I could take my house to meet and have a coffee in the morning super special. He can see how the custom of the Brazilian people and the way we prepare our breakfast. The comings in Christ reedmer, sugar loaf and other things were perfect including the visit to Selaron steps which led to the knowledge of this great Chilean artist. In the end, Todd still enjoyed the match between France and Ecuador for the World Cup. It was a unique opportunity to meet maracanã during a world cup. I hope that most Australians as Tod, can know the wonders that Rio de Janeiro has to offer.